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Commercial & Residential Fast Mold Services

The best way to get help with your mold problem is to call on A1R of Arlington. We use some of the best equipment, tools and team members to provide you with expert mold remediation services for your home or business. Depending on the degree of mold and type of mold is why you need to hire experts to handle this job for you. We here at A1R of Arlington are pleased to deliver the services that our customers deserve. Our expert team members do a robust investigation of your existing mold issues in order to be sure we totally eliminated any mold presence in your home. Call us right away when you notice signs of mold. Some signs that you should watch for include water leaks, moldy smells and constant headaches.

Home & Business

Reach out to us when you need help, whether you’re comfortably at home or busy at work. Action1Restoration serves the Arlington, MA market with both residential and commercial mold removal answers. We’ll meet your individual situation with customized solutions. Our team of experts bring you mold removal solutions that are suited to what you need.

Commercial Equipment

You’ll find that our specialized equipment can handle every type of mold job and can help get the job done every step of the way. We know how to handle every single job from start to finish. There’s no worrying when you call us: we get the job done fast and leave you happy and satisfied with the results.

Expert Solutions

Mold is very tricky to remove and only those with the proper training and skills can do so successfully. This is why we only employ individuals who attend our specialized training and workshops to ensure that they are the best in the business. Once they have graduated from this training they are well versed int he procedures, equipment, and processes for the complete elimination of mold. This high level of training is one of the reasons that we are so effective in eliminating mold infestations.

Prompt Response

You can call us anytime. Finding your property infested with mold can be quite devastating. Allow us to alleviate your apprehension by doing emergency mold remediation. We will do a speedy check up and assessment to ascertain the breadth of damage. We will then strategize and implement a plan for removing the infestation, repairing the damage, and preventing further problems in the future.

Why Choose A1R of Arlington for Mold Services!

We promise you prompt response during your emergencies. Asbestos and mold can be quite serious and we will act quickly to help to ensure you stay safe. In many situations you will need to have the mold tested and inspect and we have the necessary resource to do that for you.

We offer these emergency services:

  • Assess and estimate damage
  • Moisture source elimination
  • Getting affected areas contained
  • Dead mold removal
  • Inventory and removal of infected personal possessions and household goods

Why Our Process Should Be Your Top Choice

Our professionals are also trained to follow a systematic process in removing mold. This ensures that everything is set thoroughly, starting with planning and continuing through execution. Action1Restoration Arlington uses a process that starts with inspection, moves on to disinfection, and then finishes with restoration. The whole process is broken down into the 6 following steps:
We conduct an inspection to assess the degree of the damage that the mold has caused to your property. Next we identify possible remedies that we can use on your property. During this stage we also plan which methods we will perform to restore the property or area if possible. Our team will perform disinfection to kill mold on all surfaces and filter the air to get rid of suspended spores. We will then restore parts or your entire property through cleaning it and conducting preventative measures so that future mold will not develop. This also includes sealing off leaks and decreasing the humidity using dehumidifiers and air blowers. Our will then test the air continuously to ensure the humidity levels have returned to normal standards.

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Why Choose A1R of Arlington for Mold Services!

Our services are ready any time of the day – and even in night time. Emergencies rarely happen when they’d be convenient, and they have a knack of happening when you’re not prepared and unsure of how to handle them. Our 24/7 services and staff are always ready and available to help you. Any time you call us, you need to provide our receptionist any important details that you have about the kind of mold problem you have and the degree of damage. By providing our team with the crucial information like this will help our team to bring all the necessary equipment needed to your home or business. An immediate resolution is needed.
The correct information helps us come with up with a fast solution.

Some of the emergency services that we offer include:

  • Cost estimate and damage assessment
  • Contain all affected areas
  • Removal of moisture and flood
  • Mold removal
  • Inventory possessions affected by mold – household possessions and property

Our Process to Help You

One of the worst types of mold you can have in your home is black mold. Black mold is a form of toxic mold.Severe health issues can happen from it, particularly if there is long-running exposure. Mucus membranes of the eyes, throat and nose can be irritated. Persistent headaches also may be caused. Business owners and home owners are afraid of black mold. All of the dangers that black mold pose may be prevented by the proper inspection and removal processes. Action 1 Restoration of Arlington provides all of these services. Our highly experienced and skilled teams are available for all residents and business owners in Arlington MA.

Our black mold removal process involves using advance techniques and specialty tools. We start with a proper inspection and assessment of the contamination so we can determine the degree of the mold growth. The next step is to contain the mold so we can start treatment and stop mold growth. We do this in order to keep mold and mold spores contained. Reducing the spread in the air now will prevent new issues down the road. The job is completed through disinfection and dehumidification of the area. These are the requisite steps to removing any mold that might by remaining, as well as preventing newer molds from establishing any colonies. Black mold is extremely toxic and well-known for causing serious damage to both structures and health. If the spread of an infestation is going to be prevented, then it needs to be handled properly. Action 1 Restoration of Arlington uses a properly designed and planned process for dealing with black molds. We stand behind our process to not only remove mold from your home, but also prevent the mold from coming back.

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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Mold Remediation Process
Step 2 Inspection Process
Step 3 Testing the Mold
Step 4 Containment & Removal
Step 5 Prevention
Step 6 Verification and Restoration

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Action 1 Restoration of Arlington
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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Arlington
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(781) 332-4749