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Commercial & Residential Fast Mold Services

When it comes to mold you want to hire a company that has experience in dealing with mold complications. We partner with some of the most experienced pros and industry leaders when it comes to mold issues. As one of the state’s most well-known names in terms of property restoration, we’ve earned our reputation for being a trusted company that restores a home quickly back to its original condition. Our company members are experienced in mold situations and uses a 6 step process for removing both visible as well as invisible mold. Our people are extensively trained in dealing with specific cases of mold growth, and the process we use is time-tested and a proven process for the removal of mold. You will need to get the mold tested and then we offer free estimates and emergency services! Contact our staff today to learn about the mold removal services that we offer!

Home & Business

Here at Action1Restoration of Beverly, we offer both residential as well as commercial mold removal services. It is our belief that a different approach is required for restoring these different types of properties. We have a team of highly trained professionals for handling mold growth in residential as well as commercial properties in the fastest time possible using our time-tested approach.

Equipment We Use

The instruments we use for every job is industrial grade equipment. Using this equipment, we can finish our job efficiently and keep disruption to your home to a minimum. We make sure the chemicals and equipment we use are not harmful to anyone’s health. Feel free to ask our representative about the equipment we use before we start our work.

Expert Solutions

Our experts know how to handle the issue. They have the knowledge and expertise to make an assessment of your property. Not only that, but our team has worked with various types of mold and they know what equipment and method they should use, so you can rest assure the best solution will be provided to your property. We also believe in ongoing training because it keeps team members in the known with changes in the industry.

Quick Response

You have to take action right away when you see the presence of mold or mildew around. If you cannot do the job of getting rid of it yourself, hire the experts who can get rid of it for you and do it as quickly as possible. We get how people feel about mold. Our trained qualified professionals start remediating the mold and mildew situation as soon as they are contracted to do the work for you.

Why Choose A1R of Beverly for Mold Services!

We provide services at all times of the day and night. Emergencies occur, and any time that they do most people are not prepared and don’t know what they should do. Our 24/7 services and staff are always ready and available to help you. When you contact us, be sure you give our staff all the crucial details, such as where the mold is located, approximately how much mold there is and if you have recently had flood damage. This is to help us identify the right tools to bring when we come to your property. You need an immediate resolution.
When we have the correct information, we’ll have a better chance of expedited resolutions.

Here are a handful of our available emergency services:

  • Damage assessment and cost estimate
  • Containment of any affected areas
  • Elimination of moisture and flood
  • Removal of dead mold
  • Inventories of affected personal possessions and household goods

Our Process to Remove the Mold

Our process for eliminating mold is both comprehensive and reliable. We first make a thorough inspection of the entire property. We will evaluate how much damage has resulted from the formation of mold. Next, we’ll rid the property of the mold while sanitizing the area systematically. As a final step, we apply strong sealants in order to effectively seal up areas that mold might grow in at some point in the future. The process that we use seeks to prevent growth in addition to eliminating any mold that we find on your property. You need experts that know how to handle all aspects of mold. If you just hire any technician, you might find that your property is faced with same problem once again. Our pros have the proper skills to mitigate water and eliminate mold infestations.

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Why Choose A1R of Beverly for Mold Services!

We provide services at all times of the day and night. Emergencies rarely happen when they’d be convenient, and they have a knack of happening when you’re not prepared and unsure of how to handle them. Our 24/7 services and staff are always ready and available to help you. Whenever you give us a call, be sure to give our receptionist any important details like the type of problem you are faced with and the scope of damage that has been caused already by the infestation. That can help us determine the best tools that we should bring out to your property. You need an immediate resolution.
Having the right information can help us achieve this quickly.

Some of our emergencies services are:

  • Assessment of damage and cost estimate
  • The containment of any affected areas
  • Elimination of moisture sources and flooding
  • Eliminate dead mold
  • Inventories of affected possessions – household goods and properties

Why Our Process Should Be Your Top Choice

One of the worst types of mold you can have in your home is black mold. Black mold is toxic mold.Severe health issues can happen from it, particularly if there is long-running exposure. Mucus membranes of the eyes, throat and nose can be irritated. Persistent headaches might also happen. Black mold is something that strikes fear in the hearts of business leaders and home owners alike. Dangers posed by black mold can be prevented as long as the proper inspection and removal procedures are followed. These services are all offered by Action1Restoration of Beverly. Beverly MA business owners and residences can entrust our highly experienced and skilled teams.

We remove black mold following advanced techniques and using specialty tools. This all starts with appropriate inspection and assessment of your contamination. Once mold has been confirmed and how much, we quarantine the affected areas and our next step is to treat the area in order to kill all of the mold. We do this in order to keep mold and mold spores contained. That will reduce it spreading into the air that may cause new problems later on. The job is completed through disinfection and dehumidification of the area. This is required to remove any remaining molds and to keep new molds from establishing a colony. As mentioned already, black mold can be toxic, and it’s known to trigger serious damage to both physical structures and the health of their occupants. It needs to be handled properly so that the infestation does not spread. To properly handle mold remediation, Action1Restoration of Beverly uses high quality standard processes. To eliminate this very notorious mold, we apply our process meticulously.

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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Mold Remediation Process
Step 2 Inspection Process
Step 3 Testing the Mold
Step 4 Containment & Removal
Step 5 Prevention
Step 6 Verification and Restoration

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Action 1 Restoration of Beverly
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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Beverly
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(978) 222-7570